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I’m Beth Mastrude, and I am a textile artist who spends happy days in the studio creating my art. And I do a better job creating art than I do keeping up my website. I hope you can forgive my shortcomings in this area and enjoy some of my creations.

I am updating my website to reflect all the new pieces I have created for 2016 Santa Cruz Open Studios. This year marks the third time I have been juried into this competitive event. I am artist #97 and you will find me at 17th Avenue Studios. I am inspired by the beautiful coastline, sublime sunsets, and expansive skies that surround the gorgeous area that I am so privileged to live in. I have always been fascinated with fall time and the natural process of renewal.

My process, much like life, is a layered affair. I enjoy life’s complexity and like to show this in my work. I work organically, the result of which is that each piece is totally unique. I work intuitively through each step of the many process, guided by my years of experience.

I have a passion for color and a love surface design. I use multiple fine art techniques while creating my work. I may use dye, discharge ink, screen printing, or block printing multiple times onto natural fibers like silks, rayon, and cotton. All in an effort to achieve luminous colors and rich textures.

I hope that you will enjoy my work, for me it is truly a labor of love. The culmination of years of dedicated practice. It is my intention to reflect the beauty of nature in a way that can be easily integrated into our everyday lives.

Contact me to schedule a visit to my studio to see and touch some of my sumptious textiles.


Beth Mastrude

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